THE INNER MASTERY TEAM AND AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL® DOESN’T STOP GROWING. There are already more than 170 members in the organisation


More than 50 facilitators, therapists, directors and advisers of the world’s largest multinational company dedicated to the expansion of consciousness in more than 20 countries attended.

Part of the whole team got together in our house in Marbella for a private retreat where we have deepened in our processes of inner evolution, and where we have shared the progress we are making in the feat of bringing shamanic and ancestral medicines to thousands of people, which are shared by health professionals, psychotherapists and trained facilitators from our own schools.

The success of our proposal grows all over the world. The depth of the inner work that we offer is evident in the results obtained by our retreat participants. The inner unity of the team is increasingly solid and palpable; and the possibilities of growth that they offer us are endless.

  • We have received training and information from doctors Leandro Reynaldo and Mauricio Albanés on the use of Iboga and Ibogaine.
  • We have announced the launch of retreats with Iboga from August.
  • We arranged the opening of a health care clinic in Catalonia with the use of Kambó, Iboga and Ayahuasca.
  • We decided to start retreats in Costa Rica and Canada.
  • We will open our next Holistic Epicentre in Tenerife. (The fourth in Spain and the fourteenth in the world).
  • We expanded the development of the Conscious School to the more than 20 countries where we are established.
  • We initiated the creation of Luxury Retreats.
  • We are starting to develop new tantric retreats that we will offer before the end of 2018.

And above all, we became more enriched and connected in the two Ayahuasca session that we did, in which we delve into issues that will have a great impact on all the students and participants that we receive.

We have addressed the main issue: the unstoppable growth of our global movement as a result of our handling of a powerful technology of transformation, a unique and original ideology in our approach of the a human being’s inner evolution, and an integrative proposal of techniques and tools that had never been brought together before within the same method for soul healing and spiritual development.

THE ORIGINAL TEAM: The people who started the creation of this project 4 years ago were present: Alberto Varela, Paula Carmona, Oscar Gomez, Laura Torrabadella, Bruno Marotto, Miquela Quaglia, Erik Moreno, Cesar Gil and Erica Ojeda. (Only Sergio Sanz could not attend as he is in Agentina)

This meeting has also been a private retreat for our team, because we know that much of what we offer depends on the inner state of those who carry out the activities aimed at participants and students. It was exciting to also share these days of therapeutic cohabitation with our children and grandchildren, as a great family where the eyes of acceptance and support of each other are present at all times.


Aberto José Varela

Founder of Inner Mastery, Ayahuasca International, European School Ayahuasquera and Conscious School.


2 thoughts on “THE INNER MASTERY TEAM AND AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL® DOESN’T STOP GROWING. There are already more than 170 members in the organisation”

  1. Greetings, please any information about ayahuasca retreats down under in new zealand or australia. I would love to be involved. Any info you could share on getting hold of DMT please also would be much appreciated. Sorry to ask I know there are probably very binding legal reasons to not share information. I am really desperate to get hold of these substances I was diagnosed witb prostrate cancer last year and have limited time to try these precious substances and find some reassurance of the cosmic holistic nature of life. I used to take a lot of psychedelics when young and party it now just want to connect with the divine. Thank you and as I say I understand if you cannot pass on information for legal reasons bless you anyway Paul Sherriff

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for you comment. I have passed your email contact to my local colleague in Australia, Mar. She will get in touch with you. Much love, Vanessa

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