THE NEW CONTINENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I belong to a spiritual, global and cosmopolitan family where those who live together love each other.


The transformation of our life begins when we disidentify ourselves from what we believe ourselves to be.

The majority of children born in the world end up being patriots, addicted to the biography of the country in which they are born. When we grow up and our consciousness begins to awaken, we realise that we are in the jail of the defence of our nationality, as if we were programmed robots. That is why there is rejection in many people and sometimes even a very particular hatred for the country where they were born, because it is the place where we have been conditioned and programmed to be in a certain way.

TO STOP BEING ROMANIAN, is a proposal that I am going to make in Romania, but it is also a tremendous challenge that can make many people, who are trapped in the limitations of their identifications, evolve.

To be cosmopolitan is to consider that any part of the world is the same country. The homeland is an emotional bond to the place where one was born. WE WERE BORN IN THE WORLD, so I can say that to stop believing that we are a nationality is a journey of unimaginable openness towards the globalisation of consciousness and towards the integration of the human species, ceasing to be many races to become a species, ceasing to be of many nationalities to recognise ourselves without limits, ceasing to be so many religions to be united in the same spirituality.

When we cling to a nationality, unwittingly, we stop being human and become soldiers, warriors and enemies of millions of people who are of another nationality, as if we became subhuman ready for war and to reject those who are not like us.

I was born in Argentina 59 years ago. I have lived in Spain for more than 20 years. I have visited more than 40 countries giving lectures and conducting workshops and retreats. I lead a team of people who are joining this new continent of consciousness. It is not a place, but it groups together people from all over the world. We use the language of love, we speak the Esperanto of compassion. A way of communicating from a compassionate and comprehensive gaze that is helping us a lot to overcome our limits.

I write this article after a long process in which I stopped being Argentine. That has been a very arduous and difficult task for me, because being Argentine is like having a profession. The title is not hung on a wall but stuck in the mind and heart; as if it were studied for a couple of decades (at least) to learn everything necessary and become conditioned to a story, caught in a way of being, thinking and reacting.

Having disidentified myself from my nationality has been one of the greatest evolutionary advances I have had in my entire life. To cease to be a nationality means abandoning one of the deepest identifications that we have ingrained. That does not mean abandoning our country of origin, or hating it, or to stop feeling love for our country, but rather to disidentify ourselves from the socio-cultural, moral and traditional attachments that condition us in order to be free and to be able to be part of a cosmopolitan way of living, without the need to defend or attack any nationality, but not belonging to any. That’s why I decided to create a new continent from love, I call it the continent of consciousness. Anyone can live there without having a passport; being part of this continent without limits or identifications opens the doors to having friends of all nationalities, languages and cultures, because they are no longer a barrier that separates us.

That is why, in our 11 houses around the world, we have created communes of coexistence of people from many countries, to heal what separates us, preparing the path of reconciliation.

When a person emerges from the patterns that families drag along, and ceases to be loyal to the outdated instructions installed by teachers, religious people, politicians and grandparents, a door opens to the internationalisation of intelligence, which no longer thinks in terms of to be a nationality but as a human being, without anything more, without flags to bear; because every time a flag is raised, the conditions for struggles and wars that isolate us and lock us in the poverty of identification are being created; a mental limitation that prevents us from expanding our consciousness and being in harmony with others.

The particular Romanian intelligence (of which I am going to speak) can help to comprehend this original proposal that I will carry out in a Conscious School workshop that I will offer on Friday, December 6, 2019, where I will address the different problems and limitations that affect personal life for being identified with nationality; and how to get out of that jail. Not from Romania, but from the attachment to a way of being, not because anyone has anything wrong with them, but because it simply limits and castrates the potential of the individual.

Since I run an international organisation that is present in the 5 continents, and that has collaborators from dozens of countries, I can assure you that one of the keys of our company is to have transcended the border of our nationalities to be able to look at ourselves as humans of the same planet, as a spiritual family that does not pay attention to these geopolitical details but to the essence of love that we all have, no matter where we were born.

Consciousness has no borders, therefore every limit that we believe or sustain will prevent us from connecting with cosmic consciousness.

The awakening of consciousness is related to an individual transformation, and in any process of personal transformation, whether in our life or in deep situations, it is vital first of all to realise that we are not what we thought we were, and secondly recognise that what we are is a mystery whose potentiality is unlimited. This is the work that we essentially propose from our Inner Evolution method.

The international team that visited Romania in December was born in Romania, Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, Spain, Italy and Uruguay, but we come from the same continent of consciousness.

Alberto Varela


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