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THE POWERFUL AND ENDLESS NATURE OF FEMININE ENERGY. Although it is the greatest gift given to humankind, something is keeping it from manifesting.


  1. Mario Jones

    This really was a good article. But I have to say that I have an issue with this one statement:
    “But we must also broach the matter of why, although many women are no longer trapped in those situations, they are yet to recover their sensitivity or love for themselves and for men.”
    That is a very misinformed statement. There is nowhere, that women are no longer trapped in these situations. that’s like asking why rich black folks warn their kids not to provoke the police if they are ever approached by them. The Racist Patriarchy is the foundation of the society we live in. Just because you cannot see from their perspective and as far as you know things aren’t as bad as they once were, doesn’t mean they are still not dealing with this every day. The statement seems to come from someone who has privilege, and is unaware of what it means to have to settle for being treated as less than every day of your life.

    1. Claire

      Hi Mario, Thank you for your comment as I’m sure this is a question that is triggered in many people. This work of inner evolution is highly mysterious, magical and powerful. If we can truly comprehend how the external is a projection of the internal state, we can start to recover the power for life situations to change, and to align to the divinity we are, and the dignity that is our birthright in relation to this. It would be wonderful if you could come along to a retreat, to directly experience this for yourself. I’d be happy to explain more over the phone, please feel free to whatsapp me: 00447561209466, or call me 0034661783485 and we can have a chat. Much love, Vanessa

  2. Gabriella Kozma

    Not only female energy is missing from the society, but also masculine energy. I mean mature masculine energy. As one of my favourite masters says : “98 % of the adult population consists of wounded children with the consciousness level of a 5-10-year-old male (!!!!!). So we are (almost) all immature boys walking around.” Technocratic civilization castrates men within a second, resulting in both sexes losing in the end. A human male has to have exceptionally high intelligence to recognize this phenomenon, and devotion to get out of this vicious circle (going against the “you are already a MAN, since you have a penis, just earn some money and everything will work in your life” doctrine). Since men’s induction rituals and (spiritually, physically) transforming tasks disappeared from the society, the average man has little chance for self-realization. In the current system, women, even with a supressed femininie essence but still higher emotional intelligence and intuition, have more space and possibilities to find and fulfill themselves.

    Thus, I believe and that is my experience that the key is in women’s hand and their female essential magical power. Its women who, by healing themselves and reconnecting to their true self can reach men’s heart, breaking through thousands of years of fear, resentment, hatred and disappointment and lift them up. That’s what I did/am doing and it works 🙂 . I show all my appreciation to men who can do this alone (without a woman), but also to those who do it with a woman, becaue it is not an easy journey (Y). And Ayahuasca + effective therapeutic methods are indeed an excellent help for both sexes!!! <3

  3. Gabriella Kozma

    Once a woman finds her way back to her True Essence, becomes an excellent spiritual lover (so it is not either “heart” or “sex”, it is both together), a true friend, a magical healer, an amazing teacher/example for her surrounding, and also an exceptional mother. <3

  4. Karen

    This is truly real and of course sad. However you are so beautiful for this and definitely boost my spirit to heal, even more now. Thank You, Alberto. ❤️

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