THE SECRET THAT CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN: “Life overwhelms me, I’m not well, I cannot achieve what I want, I can’t do it … I need help”


An encounter with the urgent need for inner transformation.

It is possible that, on one level or another, it is obvious that you need to do something for yourself, although most people do not want to acknowledge it; or perhaps you postpone taking the step for a series of reasons, with varying levels of credibility, that justify your lethargy. Deep down you know that this important decision for your well-being and quality of life has been delayed.

One of the most widely-spread incorrect conclusions in humans is that if we are doing badly or we feel that we need help we should not resort to asking others but assume it all ourselves, disguise it and endure it, adapting to what there is and that’s it; because going out looking for solutions and asking for help is associated with being weak, with being incapable, with being wrong in the head; we feel ashamed of not being able to resolve our issues by our own means.

The obvious fact, which is part of our reality, is that life is full of circumstances that overwhelm us, and with this we always feel at a disadvantage, as if the problems and limitations evolve much more than the resources themselves, so we wind up damaged, defeated or badly positioned again and again faced with ourselves. These situations that overwhelm us or make us swallow negative emotions, create impotence and erode us on the inside, until one day they are transformed into pathologies, diseases or unbalanced states that do not allow us to enjoy anything.

To come to the conclusion that “I can’t do it”, or that “I am wrong”, is the turning point between asking or not asking for help. Stating “I CAN’T” is interpreted as allowing impotence to win the battle, but to continue insisting without having the internal tools or resources to achieve what we need, guarantees more and greater failures. This series of failures produces a tremendous drain of energy, which causes most people to waste their lives without getting to the solution for their needs or problems. That is where a merciless sense of resignation and consequent frustration come from. Whereas if we could accept honestly from the heart that we need something to guide and inspire us because we are overwhelmed, it would be an act of humility and courage that would allow us to begin to move forward. It is the birth of true inner transformation.

Asking for help or finding a solution outside of ourselves is an option, the other is to continue in self-deception and suffering.

It would be of great impact in this moment of understanding to ask ourselves these questions:

Am I willing to go somewhere to ask for help or support for this moment in my life? What do I want to do for it? Am I willing to lose everything by not surrendering?

When someone opens up to seek help, everything can help us because a process of personal development and overcoming of limitations begins with the impactful gesture of simply making that critical decision. We are one more option of all the options existing in the market and in society; it is not the only one, nor the best, nor the most powerful; it is even possible that it is the worst of all, in the sense that we DO NOT PROMISE ANYTHING OR FEED THE FALSE BELIEF THAT WE WILL GIVE YOU THE SOLUTION. What we can assure you is that it is one of the most confrontational and mobilizing, simply because to start the process we work in a group within the context of retreats over several days, in which we begin by laying out the foundational concept of our offering: the fact that nobody can help you more than you yourself. Then, before you arrive, the question will arise: Why should I go to these Inner Evolution retreats offered by the Conscious School® if the solution is in me? If you allow me I want to give you the answer: “To recover the memory of what your soul already knows, to discover the potential inside of you, to recover the wisdom that you have, to find the tools that allow you to solve what you need, to develop an awakening awareness through deep understanding of your issues, without blaming yourself, without activating fear, without being dominated by anguish, anxiety or stress; because in that act of getting closer to what happens inside of you, the transformative magic of your being is produced.

When the internal opens up, the core is discovered, what is essential becomes manifest, the dormant power is touched, consciousness awakens, then the pure and authentic you begins to emerge to manifest its own power that serves to resolve, assimilate or change any situation in your life that was making you feel unhappy or insufficient. It seems like I am telling you a children’s story written by some dreamer, but I say this from my experience and from that of many who go through the Conscious School; that does not assure you of anything but at least it gives you the clue (not the expectation) that there is a solution. We will only support you and we will accompany you to discover this solution, in you. It will be the most precious experience you have ever lived.

How can I change my life? This is the great question that hides that secret which the time has now come to expose with sincerity.

If you want you can look further into our method of INNER EVOLUTION® and participate in the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL RETREATS that we host in many countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with a team of expert psychologists, psychotherapists and ontological integrators trained by our own school. I can only tell you that neither genius nor total dedication are enough when it comes to wanting to change people’s hearts, I can only trust you, nothing more.

To end this article, I also want to tell those who seek to be in tune with the level of demands, limitations and problems in life and the environment, that humans have been internally-evolving for thousands of years many generations of much lethargy and passivity, while everything around us continues to evolve – complications and problems too. That’s why I’ve called my methodology Inner Evolution®, because it can inspire you to start the great process of re-adapting your whole life. But it is not an adaptation to normality, to the system or to the cold and boring environment in which you live, but an adaptation to your inner power, so that you can then present yourself to life and society with the most wonderful change that you have been able to make from the inside, a change that will inevitably and naturally be manifested in all areas of your life.

Alverto José Varela

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We will attend to your questions and concerns with the love and dedication you deserve.

Some of the topics that we will cover in retreats

Is it possible to start over? What is the greatest addiction of mankind? What does changing my life depend upon? How can I transform situations and realities from the root? Is what I think something real or something invented? Who am I and what can I become?




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