THE TEMPORARY USEFULNESS OF MASTERS. Some relationships become toxic if they are not ephemeral.


It is time we stop depending on external or internal sources in order to discover a transcendent space.

For a long time, we humans have been considering the importance of having at least one master to follow, of being able to rely on a guide or a guru to direct us. This has even become a fundamental aspect in the process of millions of people that are seeking the truth.

It is true that masters are useful, but that is temporary. As long as the disciple is lost, they must depend on an external source. This makes sense, but this situation creates, unintentionally, a series of problems for inner evolution.

The first difficulty is that, while we are followers, we are susceptible to surrendering ourselves  to masters who need apprentices, adepts or disciples. Those who need to be masters is because they are not yet masters. That is why they create dependence on their disciples, be it consciously or unconsciously.

An authentic master is someone who, after guiding you to find your own way out, proposes you abandon them for you to follow your own path. There comes a time when the masters themself says: “kill me, and carry on by yourself”.

When a master guides us towards the same point on the road where we have lost ourselves, then the original memory from where we come from and where we are going to arises. We no longer need orientation, because the inner master is the one who is leading our way now.

Therefore, I propose a conscious and moderate use of the relationships we have with masters, because it is essentially an ephemeral relationship. We will be saying goodbye to them as we begin to take responsibility for deciding by ourselves.

The most assertive oracle that can satisfy all internal consultation is consciousness itself connected to feelings. There is no other source of wisdom in the entire universe that is more accurate than inner mastery.

When the external master leaves because the inner master has been born is when we are able to merge with the infinite and eternal wisdom of existence. This is when inner mastery is born. It is a step beyond the inner master, because our inner being becomes a lab-school open 24/7 all year round, where we can learn absolutely everything we need for each and every situation in life.

It is necessary to differentiate the external, the internal and the transcendent. Inner mastery is the transcendence of dependencies. Though it is not independence, but rather interdependence, with others, with oneself and with existence.

Alberto José Varela

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