TRAILER AND VIDEO OF THE CONSCIOUS SCHOOL CLASS IN URUGUAY: Do you want to see the lie that you have created about yourself?



The lie that we have sold about ourselves and that has been bought by others in order for us to avoid being rejected.

The character is the mask that you have sold everyone about what you wanted them to believe you think you are.

You have developed it very well. You have offered it to others. You’ve done everything possible for others to buy it, and they have.

They bought your image, which you sold to avoid being rejected.

The action that emerges from the character always speculates; it is very well pre-designated to get what it wants. It has interests.

Because the character is the result of the conversion of the energetic impact that we have had from mum and dad.

The external throws a missile at the centre of the heart.

By the time you are a teenager, you are ready to be very angry with society, with them and of course, with yourself.

The moment you become conscious the character does not appear again, because you catch it out beforehand.

When you dare to open Pandora’s box and look inside, at the same moment that you open the box, you begin to mature.

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