TRANSCENDENTAL DIALOGUES. A question from a reader, Lisette Morales from Chile, who is seeking an answer to: Who wants to do things, the self or the ego?


The quality of the trap that is hidden in a question depends on the quality of the search of whoever formulates it.



Hi Alberto, I’m following your spiritual tramp articles. The energy of trust has become central in my life this past year, in which I find myself doing things that I do not understand, and after much reflection manage to understand. But I love it, it’s a big change, to act and then to think. But living in trust leaves me inactive, in a state of not doing. I now find myself in this dilemma. Who wants to do, the Self or the ego? Why do, why does inactivity despair me? Could it be because this feeling of waiting for things to happen leaves me in despair. And as it is an absolute concept, I return to the same place, I am not trusting. Thank you for addressing this topic in depth.


Lissette Morales, from Chile


Thank you Lissette for trusting that I can give you some deep clue to move forward at this point in your process. At least you trust someone or something. Trust that is not trust works precisely that way. First it is directed outwards towards others, and it is important that it be that way. A disciple who does not trust approaches a teacher and begins to trust them, then the teacher teaches the disciple to direct their trust at them-self. It is the process of inner mastery.

So the first thing is to know how to locate yourself at this point in your process. That your trust has brought you to me and in that sense is already activated. Now you have to see how I can direct it towards you, because that is the key to mastery.

The fact that you yourself have realized that the energy of trust has become central in your life this past year, shows that you are already on the road to healing, and pointing directly at the nucleus. Because many people want to heal without having to overcome or heal distrust. This should lead you to a reflection about yourself; that you are very assertive in your search. That you know what you want and how you want it. Obviously you do not want to waste time, and you are going straight to the heart of the matter: TRUST. In addition, you are asking a question that opens a door towards you yourself. Most questions distance people away from themselves. Then recognize yourself in your own wisdom and the focus you are giving to your life.

On the other hand, you affirm: “it is a great change for me, to act and then to think. But living in trust leaves me inactive, in not doing. I now find myself in this dilemma. It is obvious that you recognize that you are already in a process of change. You have reversed what you always did before: first think and then act. But when we flow we realize that if we act first we are not giving the power to rational and speculative thinking. Then we let ourselves be guided by the instinct that is pure action. That is what you are doing now, but it is insufficient. That’s why you have a dilemma. This is a stage on the path of healing, but you can go further if you first propose to feel and then act; in that case you will not be interested in thinking after the action, because the dilemma is that there are still thoughts about the actions you perform. There is judgement and possible rejection of your own actions. If you feel and act, surrender yourself totally to it. In this way there will be no place for the thought to download any criticism or analysis about what you have done. The heart transforms the action into pure love and enjoyment, and when that happens the mind can not do anything. As my mother said “who can take what has been danced away from me?”

If you continue to evolve in your process, you will some day, not very far away, just feel and not act. You will be able to verify that everything will happen in an almost magical way, which is when we begin to connect with the great mystery. That which really gives meaning to the life. Verify that things happen naturally from a place of trust. That is why I affirm that the one who trusts does nothing, but leaves nothing undone. This is the fundamental problem. That at some point the person who always did things, who always took care of things so that they would happen in a certain way, disappears. That is the great manipulator that was in you and that is dying. Or better said, it is agonizing the controller. The sooner you exorcise control, the sooner you can trust yourself.

And now if we go to the answer to your question: Who wants to do things, the Self or the ego? Why do, why does inactivity despair me?

My answer to you Lissette is Who is asking the question? If you can detect it and say that you do not need these stupid questions any more, you will be able to make a great leap in your journey to trust. It really does not matter whether whoever wants to do something is the Self or the ego. But it is crucial that you stop to see who has formulated such an absurd question. I am stating that the question is stupid, not who has formulated it.

We can carry on whenever you want. we can go much deeper. That depends on your questions.

Alberto José Varela





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