TRUST AGAIN (Part 2) How to rid ourselves of the apparent causes of distrust?


How to face in the day to day the thousands of reasons to distrust and be free to create without having to believe?

Although the reasons for explaining many of our problems may be unconscious, through unconsciously acts or because of unawakened consciousness, if we look deeply, unconsciousness is a state that becomes permanent and stable due to mistrust. To distrust is to be unconscious. Once we distrust, unconsciousness perpetuates.

From the shadows and without our realizing it, a complex web is woven that in the background hides the reality of isolation and loneliness, the essential unconscious decision to close ourselves to others. To stop trusting that precious and surprising things can happen. Of destroying the possibility of change, and of not allowing anything or anyone to reverse this state of mistrust.

Everything we think, plan or do is guided either by trust or by distrust. But painfully, trust dies in a few years of the life of a human being, and with it the most important value for life is lost. Then there is the other option: DISTRUST. As it is something that we are not familiar with because it is not a natural value, we must create a system in which distrust sustains itself to protect us from the outside. Perhaps because we have come to the conclusion the world is hostile, that people are bad, that we can be hurt or that life is pure danger. The range of traumas that occur to us in childhood converge to the same conclusion: IT IS BETTER TO CLOSE OFF PREVENTITIVELY.

The fact is that, as innocent, pure and defenceless children, we are abandoned, rejected, compared, betrayed, lied to, humiliated, despised, mistreated, coerced or overprotected, almost inevitably leading us to mistrust. It represents a break with the others, a separateness with the outside.

Mistrust is a deadly, destructive and paralysing virus. It is spread by almost every human on the planet.

Mistrust needs to argue, nourish itself with objective reasons to justify the attitude of neglect and abandonment that one has before things happen. Laziness, disinterest, reluctance, indifference, apathy, lack of appetite, are synonymous with neglect and abandonment, and make up the structure of disbelief and disillusionment on which we will build our life projects.

Distrust is a violent and usurping act.

To distrust is to abandon something or someone without having reached the end of the experience; it is to rob the essence of life or of others; it is to remove the possibility of rectifying, resolving, evolving; it is to tear the soul out of everything that could make us trust.

I met men in prison who have committed many robberies but never harmed anyone. They say that with great pride, but others recount the damage they have done at the time of the robbery, because they are more interested in being violent than in obtaining something. It is not the same to steal, as it is to steal violently. As crimes they are typified in a very different ways, violence adds an aggravation to the robbery that extends the sentence much more. Mistrust is a violent, armed robbery. Because not only does it want to take what is yours but it also wants to destroy you. For the praying mantis it is not enough to have a relationship with the male to become fertilized, she also wants to eat him after having used him. The need to destroy after use is present in most acts of human life because of the fact that distrust is still installed as a protective system.

Distrust ensures that a wall is put in the way between what you are not and what you are, guaranteeing the creation of an almost insurmountable distance between the lie in which you live and the truth that calls you and that you long for; distrust is the endorsement of regression, it is the precipice that opens up before you so that you do not follow the path of realization. It leaves you alone, isolated, separated and frustrated.

To trust is to continue as if there were no abyss before me, it is to continue taking steps through the void, it is to walk without crutches, it is to jump knowing that life will take care of solving everything and putting everything in its place. It is madness, or rather, it is the greatest madness of all madness. The mind can not go along with the leap of trust, its access is forbidden, because everything that has been built up to now for us to distrust loses its power in the moment of jumping into the unknown and the insecure.

When a person who is infected by distrust is confronted by something or someone who inspires him to trust, sooner or later he will have to try to destroy that person, because it would be extremely serious to continue these destructive acts if they can prove that it is possible to create and build without any need to believe in anything or anyone, but rather from doing everything from integrity, feeling that doing something in a dedicated and sensitive way is enough to obtain the best of reward; it is the love for doing the right thing and what challenges you without having the need for anyone to congratulate you on it or to acknowledge you publicly.

Objective reasons are not needed to trust because it is pure subjectivity. Objective reasons are vital for mistrust. But objectivity is an illusion, it does not exist. Quantum physics has already shown that reality is as it is perceived, that is to that it is not objective but a consequence of how one wants to see the external. In this sense, each person can create the reality that they want and need according to how they use the ability to create through perception. The way of drawing conclusions about facts and/or people comes from an internal source, a way of looking, but it is never an objectively demonstrable reason. Those who distrust use this illusion very well to infect others by offering a wide range of reasons for mistrust; they are experts at arguing; but deep down is not that they want to deceive anyone but rather that they are deceiving themselves and need to nourish the deception through other people. It is a virus that needs to grow and feed of itself when it infects others because it is weak and perishable. Distrust needs maintenance while trust does not need the trust of others because it is autonomous, eternal and infinite.

It is painful to see how human beings are ready to distrust. It is shameful to see how devoid we are of the supposed motives of distrust that appear to destroy what we are creating, to demoralize ourselves at the moment when we are rising and making an effort, to hold ourselves back before allowing ourselves to see that the miracle is possible.

“There is no solution”. “Everything is going to get worse.” “Things are going to go from bad to worse.” “I made a mistake and I deserve bad things” “This is not going to work”. “My situation will not change.” “I’m not going to get what I want.” These are some of the internal assertions that arise from mistrust. It is the incarnation of negativity. But we will not regain our trust by being positive, rather a stroke of consciousness will destroy distrust.

Destructiveness, pessimism, negativity, destruction or exclusion are different manifestations of distrust. They all lead to the same fate: suffering, blockages, stagnation,  repression, hardening, regression, hatred … Is this how you want to live? Is life beautiful this way?

Distrust is the most refined way in which hatred has evolved for thousands of years in humans. Trust is the most refined way in which love has evolved for all eternity.

Distrust is a mere newborn when compared to trust. For that reason distrust can not out-survive trust. It needs to use violent, aggressive, invasive methods to try to block or destroy any vision of trust that appears before it’s too late.

Trust has very deep secrets, known by only those who trust. There is no way to know the true resources of trust without trusting. It is an eternal and infinite flow that creates a wonderful flow between the past and the future, it is a flood of love that leads us to know the best landscapes of life, it is the most transforming energy that exists.

If you decide to trust, little will remain of your absurd model of life.

Trusting is the most important decision you can make. Without trust you can not love, without trust you can not be free, without trust nothing can change, without trust it is no possible to ever Be.

Without trust, there is only room left to live within limitations.

What do you plan to do if you do not trust?

If you trust you do not have to do anything, just jump. Because trust is the place where all potential is developed.
Alberto José Varela


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