WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS KNOWN AND KNOW THAT IT IS USELESS. Why not turn towards something that will amaze us?


Beyond titles, experience, recognition and everything we have done, there is something new that can surprise us and even change our destiny.

We are an international organisation whose origin and centre of work is the individual transformation of human beings. We offer a method that can inspire a process of significant changes in the lives of people .

The effectiveness and great acceptance of our proposal requires us to have more people trained in our method in order to transmit it to those drawn to our retreats in different countries. That is why we have created two schools to train new students and integrate them as professionals within our organisation. THE CONSCIOUS SCHOOL and the SCHOOL OF ONTOLOGICAL INTEGRATORS .

There are so many and such diverse people in the world who want to make a change in their lives – or who want to use their creativity, or who seek to solve problems – that an international community has formed. In Marketing it is called a “niche market”  For us, they are a group of people who move decisively driven by the interests that they recognise in themselves. Some groups are focussed on success, others on the awakening of consciousness, others to overcoming their limitations and others to spirituality. Everyone is open to listen to something innovative that moves them from their depths.


The intentions  of the human search are so varied and complex that you need to approach them with an original, clear and powerful approach that can truly surprise you and dislodge you from everything you know. Behind all movement towards something (whatever it is or whatever it may be, even at a spiritual level) there is some hidden desire that wants to be satisfied. Finding the meaning and origin of the individual search is vital to focus on the path to be followed, but it requires a sort of technology to access the roots of our ambitious and expansive natures as human beings.

Although it may seem bold to say it, the first ENGINEERING OF TRANSFORMATION was born some years ago and is today in our hands.  That is what we teach at the Conscious School ,through a method that is spreading throughout the world.

This requires specially prepared people. It is not only a matter of university degrees, or experience in personal development. It does not depend on people who believe themselves to be special or talented. It does not even depend on the entrepreneurial strength that leaders can have, but rather to open our hearts to an innovative proposal.

The INNER EVOLUTION method contains the keys and the secrets to be able to redesign life projectS, deprogramming the obsolete models from where we have created reality. This method can be applied to everyday life, relationships, work or professionS, but it is also a model of self-knowledge that can be learned to support and accompany other people to carry out that satisfactory process.

In meetings with applicants we expose in detail and depth the essence of our method, its premises and foundations, its objectives and future plans. We present the creators and teachers, we show some videos of the 12 houses that we have in America and Europe and of how the retreats are that we carry out in more than 30 countries and we give a space to ask all the questions that arise. To be face to face and in direct contact from my presence with people is the difference to any other job interview. Deep down I want to open up, show myself and expose the intentions that guide my decisions. Once you comprehend this you can have the information and the feeling that drives you or not to join our international organisation.

DIFFERENT PROPOSALS WE OFFER: Training cycles. Thematic workshops. Training and supervision retreats. In-depth modules in the method.


Wednesday, May 22nd from 7 to 9 pm at our house in Sant Vicent de Montalt.

Free participation: you must send a prior email to express your intention to participate in this informative meeting.

[email protected]

From Wednesday 22/5 to Sunday 26/5 there is an Inner Evolution Retreat at the same house where we will share the corporate presentation, and we offer a 50% discount to those who want to stay and experience the quality and depth of our method for themselves . You can stay from one day and one night to up to 4 days and 4 nights.

Paula Saveli will attend to any questions or queries if you’d like to speak by phone.
+34 696 173 261


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