WE ARE SAYING IT LOUD AND CLEAR: “We want to live, not depend. We are free, we are not addicts” and we can prove this.


We are now over 100 students who attend this School, in which we learn TO BE FREE. What is most notorious is that this is not something, which can be taught, yet we are all learning it by and by. We share here one of our greatest secrets.

To use the shamanic medicine AYAHUASCA as a springboard towards the ocean of consciousness.  Once submerged in the depths of consciousness, to be able to move as fish in water to discover every corner of our inner self and the of the Universe…

In truth, it is a School of Consciousness, but we could not call it so, it is not possible to propose a direct teaching for the use of consciousness, as this would turn consciousness into a technique or tool which would be as bad as nullifying it as an essence.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the essence of All and of ourselves, we can suggest using a springboard to launch ourselves into the essence: we can propose the preparation body and soul, so as to find out how to handle ourselves in depths unbeknownst up until now. For this, we use very powerful tools and very effective techniques which, united in a central point, have given rise to the creating of our own method.

We have discovered that these profound leanings are obtained with greater speed and effectiveness when we combine taking Ayahuasca with psycho-therapeutic work and the use of multiple techniques geared towards self-discovery and the awakening of consciousness. Ayahuasca is enhanced and becomes more profound and direct when a framework of comprehension and integration of the process it unchains supports it. 

The secret is to “stop taking Ayahuasca to expand consciousness, and use consciousness in an autonomous and natural manner, to the point where it becomes a path from which we never wish to divert”

The European School of Ayahuasca is one of the paths of consciousness which enables us to use it in our lives as a guide, but also to become conscious through life. When consciousness stops being a tool or a guide to walk down the path of life and it becomes “the path”, life begins to flourish spontaneously through what we think, feel, express and share. Thus, when the time of death arrives, we can leave life behind with gratitude; it has been the doorway, the preparation, the springboard towards eternity.

Consciousness blossoms in love, compassion, freedom, innocence, joy… hence is blossoming so precious. When this happens in a group of human beings, a garden rich in grace and charm is born. This is one of the reasons why when we reach the path of consciousness, we can never divert from it ever again. 

It may seem a contradiction when an Ayahuasca School (which predisposes towards the study of ayahuasca) proposes leaving the use of ayahuasca to be replaced by the use of consciousness itself. This premise is founded on the fact that when consciousness expands and the experience is integrated within the context of the participant’s personal life and story, he or she becomes a free and independent being for the comprehension of the day-to-day matters one has to go through.

Using ayahuasca psycho-therapeutically towards the INNER EVOLUTION of the participant is a work which needs of a process of profound questioning of oneself until the individual can become empowered in his or her own life, trespass any imprisoning limitations and deactivate the blockages which where paralysing and impeding his or her development.  

COMPREHENSION of oneself, of life, of existence and of everything, which happens in our life, is the epicentre of the work we propose. Comprehension is the threshold to enter the universe of consciousness, when this threshold is passed through, all the tools and instruments, which have led us to that point, begin to disappear. Many people reach this comprehension through different techniques, for example through meditation and yoga, but for a high percentage of people it is complicated, slow and hard to reach it down this path. Consciousness is a tool which can become a path and even a state of life, but not all the techniques or methods have the power to take us to this comprehension. 

In order to stop drinking ayahuasca once the moment of comprehension arrives, ayahuasca must be taken with the consciousness that ayahuasca is a tool, a technique, a method… which acts as an alarm clock and an activator of consciousness, which can then expand on its own. Ayahuasca is not an end in itself, otherwise one will end up worshiping the springboard and we will forget the ocean and what we feel when we dive into it.

In the ESA we use Ayahuasca as a spiritual medicine for the awakening of consciousness. We do not use it as a holy sacrament nor as a core purpose of study or investigation. Once the student manages to stabilise the use of consciousness for daily life, he or she can completely leave the use of ayahuasca aside. This is something that we are irrefutably confirming in our participants, each time they need to take less ayahuasca and many have even stopped drinking it altogether to reach non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The main reason that this work can be undertaken is that Ayahuasca supports freedom and detachment. IT IS NOT ADDICTIVE, rather it inspires to let go of all addictions, even that which could happen with ayahuasca itself.  However, all the addictions that manifest with ayahuasca are not chemical but psycho-emotional, hence the importance of the psycho-therapeutic work, which is essential when supporting the drinker towards bidding ayahuasca farewell.  An example of the work directed towards addictions has been proven by several students of the school who have created an ayahuasca and psycho-therapeutic retreat to overcome addictions, based upon what they had lived in their own lives. They have now given shape to it and have proven its effectiveness on many other people with different types of addictions. 

We are exactly in this process of expansion of consciousness, of becoming conscious, of comprehending consciousness… in order to become conscious of consciousness, by ourselves.

WE ARE, COME, LIVE AND GO TOWARDS CONSCIOUSNESS.  Becoming aware of it is the maximum purpose which we propose in this School and in our life in general. As this arrives, life starts becoming fertile soil, appropriate for the seed of what we are to flourish.

Every human has the potential of becoming part of this marvellous garden.

Alberto José Varela

Founder of the European School of Ayahuasca.

[email protected]

Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.

Marbella, June 8 to 11

Rome, June 8 to 11

Berlin, June 8 to 11

 Vienna, June 14 to 18

Cologne, June 15 to 18

Marbella, June 15 to 18

Berlin, June 21 to 25

Eindhoven- Netherlands, June 21 to 25

Ibiza, June 21 to 24

Zurich, June 22 to 25

Marbella, June 28 to July 02

Madrid, June 28 to July 02

Cologne, June 29 to July 02

South Sweden, June 28 to July 02

Copenhagen, June 28 to July 02

Click here for a complete listing of  information of all the 2017 Ayahuasca International Retreats Calendar. It includes subsequent links to information, prices and booking procedure for each retreat.

For bookings or to request any further information call to +49 (0) 171 987 6655 (also available by whatsapp) or write to [email protected] 



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