WHAT IS A LIE AND WHAT IS TRUE? A challenging perspective to transcend illusion.

EVERYTHING IS A LIE, What is the problem with it?

CHRISTMAS: A true day for some, a lie for others.

I am going to tell you my story about lies and the game consisting of discovering truth within oneself. Alberto Varela

My mother and father were at their wits’ end to know when I lied and when I told the truth, my grandchild Maui, who is only two years old calls me: “Grandpa liar” but he does it in such a soft and loving voice that there is no charge upon it. My seven year old daughter Amelys listens to me every day and I can see how she holds a struggle in her heart in order to ascertain whether or not I am telling the truth or lying, when she goes to her mother and asks her Is what daddy is saying true? She never asks whether I am lying, she is only interested in knowing whether what her father says is true. Not long ago, she lied to her mother and I told her myself: “You have a right to lie to me and to your mother, you are not forced to tell the truth, your private matters are yours and only yours. When you feel like us the truth, great, and when you feel like lying to us, also great”

I love the right to lie because that is the small nest from which the warm sensation of truth arises. Loving lies opens the heart up for the most sincere feeling of love.

Many people affirm being able to forgive everything by lies. Obviously this is because they have not yet healed the wound created by the misperception around truth and lies.

Precisely today, December 24th, one the greatest lies of a day whilst being the most authentic one of the year, is when I wish to talk about this. A great part of the world gathers around a festivity, another part of the world considers this festivity a lie. Out of those of us celebrating Christmas in any way and sharing a table, a great part have no wish to be there but there they are, prostituting themselves, lying and self-deceiving themselves. They must have some reason to do so, this is not a criticism towards them just a reality check. On the other hand, another part is happy to be amongst those people. Just today, an Inner Evolution Retreat begins in Berlin, lasting eleven days, which we have organised for people who have no wish to be with their family during this Christmas and New Year period, and choose to be with unknown people, sharing inner work, an ayahuasca session, a therapy group, a yoga or mediation session. These people are searching for their inner truth and thus they exit the lies.

My son Elian, who I love madly invited me and asked me many times over the course of the past days to go to Ibiza with my whole family, I have three children and three grandchildren, how could I not go? But I looked into my heart to feel what I wanted to do, I wanted to be with my partner Paula and our youngest daughter, Amelys in my house in Madrid, I did not want to travel; but the child decided to go to Tarragona with her cousins and her beloved aunt Beatriz. Everyone here does whatever they please. It is as if we lived within a box of well-hidden truths which manifest themselves at any given time. As if the lie with which I play each day created an underlying sincerity, so that whenever important decisions are taken, they are taken from authenticity. It is a marvellous game. Respecting lies so that they give birth to the search of truth.

I am at home with my partner Paula and friends, Darwin Grajales, Cristian and a couple, Erika and Cesar with their son Samuel, there is not a single person who does not want to be here, nor am I with anyone with whom I have no wish to be. For me it is a very sincere and true day. Hence, I am going to celebrate lies, because without them there would be no way for such an authentic day to exist; despite the lie that comes with me since birth as a very entertaining game, it has never been able to distract me nor quench the thirst in my heart for the discovery of my inner truth. As I write this, I realise that lies are what have inspired and given me the impulse to risk everything in order to encounter my truth.

From a certain point of view, lies are present everywhere, in everything we do and say… when reality is distorted, when there is an absence of part of the truth, when things are hidden, when things are confirmed without being proven… y that sense EVERYTHING IS A LIE, and it is marvellous for it to be so within an illusory existence.

“To awaken” is opening our eyes up to see the lie within the apparent perception we have about things.

Those of us who fall into the trap of believing that there is ONE truth, we then need to recover and heal from such illness; we have to start a path to transcend or overcome such a misperception: THAT THERE IS ONE TRUTH OR AN ABSOLUTE TRUTH. When I discovered that the truth was a  well made-up lie hiding a subtle layer of truth, I was able to start seeing everything with a great subtlety, my eyes were opened, my capacity for profound sight was activated in order to see beyond the layers of lies so as to have clues regarding the truth inhabiting myself and others.

Each one has their own truth well protected by a thick cape of thousands of lies.

Everything is full of lies and true at once. It is a perfect and healing coexistence. An marriage with unconditional love. They never prostitute themselves, they never cease being. What is true will remain so. What is a lie will also remain so. They will never change their natural state. Both are fundamental for humans to be able to delve into consciousness, that part of us which is eternal and infinite, and which is beyond any truth and any lies.

Pointing out others’ lies is pointing out the lack of comprehension of the one who judges. To admire those who are authentic and true is yet another way of not acknowledging that comprehension is yet to be reached.

As this time, I am playing this game with one of my greatest international facilitators. We are lying to each other as two great chess players. He is indeed a great chess master. From this game, truth will undoubtedly arise.

Millions of truths and lies are said about me, about ayahuasca, and this game has been created to such end, I became consciously part of this game in order for the necessary conditions to be created for many people’s hearts to open; people who absolutely need to connect with some of that truth which lives within themselves, for whenever a human being contacts something authentic, that person begins to heal.

Truth is very fragile and small. Lies abound and are very powerful. Truth speak scarcely and softly, lies shout all the time. There is an essential difference between them, truth is neither directed nor controlled by anything or anyone, truth is free, autonomous, eternal and infinite… it simply IS. We have created lies in order to live and survive in this material reality and is under the kingdom of a great king living within each of us.  A controlling, fearful king, who feels guilts and is a huge coward.

In order for truth to arise in us one day, it is necessary for that great king to be beaten. Because life, as opposed to chess, is a game that begins after the check mate has taken place.

Alberto José Varela

(On the picture, my daughter Amelys, with whom I would love to be today but she has chosen to be elsewhere. MARVELLOUS AND INNOCENT SINCERITY


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