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WHAT IS THE ORIGIN? (Part II) Going to the root of what we want to finish with


  1. June Whittaker

    Hello Alberto, We recently met in Switzerland where I attended a retreat with my husband. Thanks for your words. They resonate and are for me an inspiration to continue my journey with Ayahuasca and the retreats which I’ve found to be deep and healing. I don’t need your words to continue my journey for my whole being is already doing just that but they are, as I said, inspiring.
    I’m currently reading your book which I’m also enjoying very much as I’ve a sister who worked most of her life as a teacher in a high security prison in Dublin and I also taught a few times there to the inmates. A short, challenging but very interesting and rewarding experience.
    I will soon be writing to you an official “application” letter with the aim of joining your training and so hope to cross paths again at some point to explore more deeply my inner being. Keep writing please. Your work is important as the world currently is, well,…….. a mess. (I live in Nice!)

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