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  1. Daniel Grodner

    This is an addition to my last comment.

    Specifically here in Israel, the facilitators fly in and then fly out, and so they would not be able to hold such monthly introductory meetings as I suggested.

    So why not hold an introduction meeting for those with questions, just before or after the retreat, when the facilitators are in Israel, for those who have questions or who are curious, and may be interested to join the next retreat, or even the one starting in the following days.

    There is a medicine community in Israel and there is a level of curiosity of many who don’t know where they can find a ceremony or who to trust. So, I think people would probably show up to check it out if it was for free and in Tel Aviv.

    It’s the kind of thing that friends of those who have attended retreats could be told about, without their needing to commit.

    That is all.


    1. Claire

      Hi Daniel, Thank you for your communication and suggestions. I have passed these on to my colleague Ilana who is the local contact in Israel and she will contact you by email. Much love, Vanessa

  2. Daniel Grodner

    Hey Alberto!

    We have met once but you may not remember, at a retreat in Madrid, September 2017. You joined an integration session and at one point you were being unfair and a bit nasty to a woman, so I told you – that I thought you were being inappropriate. You said to me: ‘I know, I’m doing it on purpose’. And so, I immediately noted to myself – here is an interesting man!

    I live in Israel and this year I have attended two retreats here and also two in Switzerland.

    I just read your article on how to make the decision about when and where to take ayahuasca, and the importance of trusting your heart and intuition, rather than trying to work it out like an equation.

    I agree with what you have to say.

    However, as I was reading, I thought of an idea to share with you that may make it easier for people who did not read your good advice, to make that decision from the heart.

    In the case of Ayahuasca International, unlike some other ceremonies I have attended, most people don’t know personally, who will be giving the medicine and holding the space, until they arrive.

    Especially if it’s your first time, and if you have no contacts in the organisation, all you have to help your decision, may be only the website. It can seem a little bit like jumping into the dark, and that’s not so easy for everyone.

    So my idea is this. In those countries where retreats are held, you could have opportunities once every month or two, for people to come and meet facilitators and hear a little bit about how everything works. It would just be a few hours in the evening in a small space, maybe say, a yoga hall, in a major city.

    That way, people who are curious but uncertain about attending a retreat for the first time can feel more comfortable with, and more able to make a decision, and these events can be advertised on the website or wherever. I think it could also be a REALLY good way to boost your marketing – people often want to meet the people who they will be trusting to hold the retreat, and that’s understandable. Those new to ayahuasca often have questions before they are happy to commit, and this could be a perfect chance for them to ask them.

    Perhaps even a little rapé could be involved or something like that, to give people a little taste of shamanic medicine. My suggestion is that these meetings would be free and open to anyone to turn up.

    I hope that my thoughts are somewhat helpful.

    Thank you for your brave and inspired work, and I wish you every success.



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