Whose power is it? Ayahuasca, psycho-therapy, the shaman, or the psychotherapist’s? (AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Part 1)


Who has the power? Ayahuasca, psycho-therapy, the shaman, or the psychotherapist



Many people, be it shamans, apprentices, or ayahuasqueros who give ayahuasca to people, use people to demonstrate the power of ayahuasca; but there is also the possibility of using ayahuasca to demonstrate the power of each person. In fact, this is the approach I propose in the European School of Ayahuasca: EMPOWERING THE INDIVIDUAL.

Depending on who we want to empower will determine which approach will be adopted. This also happens with psychotherapy or spirituality, people can be used to empower the technique, the therapist, or the guru, or Eastern or Western practices can be used to empower people.

Even both approaches, although they are diametrically different, can complement each other at different times of the same process of evolution of a given person.

Both ways of giving ayahuasca are transformative tools, but as claimed by the psychologist and renowned writer Ken Wilber, “There are several approaches to personal work for different levels of consciousness.” There is no need to discuss the matter, nor is there a reason for those who identify with one or the other approach to attack the other or go to war. The lack of respect for the other or for what is different is involution.

If a person realizes that there are plants that have a transformative power and they achieve that with a shaman who guides them toward the mastery of ayahuasca, it is a major step in the evolution of their consciousness. CONGRATULATIONS! But it is also wonderful that a person can use the power of a plant to regain his own power, without giving it to the shaman or to the plant. This is also a major step in the evolution of human consciousness. CONGRATULATIONS!

The problem is to institutionalize the “how to” perform the act of sharing ayahuasca. Each ayahuasquero does it from the evolutionary point where he is. And this is undeniable and incredibly PERFECT because every person who is engaged in it has their own personal history, their culture, their religion, their psychology, their talents and their own vision. In this sense, the work with ayahuasca (which also involves working with people and their ailments) cannot and should not be regulated projecting generalizations. But it can be regulated internally when shared with other related people, when several with a coinciding approach get together. That is when these groups can enrich and refine a particular approach. This is what is happening in the organization-community that I founded (Ayahuasca International), where we are creating a model of psychotherapeutic approach based on INTEGRATION. Other groups are creating other models, and others are following indigenous cultural models or models based on religious veneration of ayahuasca. In these cases there is not so much to create as it follows a certain tradition or regulated status. We are in the process of refining our model, we have created the foundation and are developing internal mechanisms to support the implementation of the approach, which on the one hand respects the individuality of each person who works with his consciousness (using ayahuasca as a means to get to it and not as an end), and on the other hand considers the grounds on which we have chosen to work for inner evolution with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca. (We teach these fundamentals in the training courses of the European School of Ayahuasca)

Something is happening with the administration of power in the world and in people. Now the citizens have more power than before in relation to politicians, employees have a little more power than before in relation to entrepreneurs, marginalized groups have more power than dominant masses; Maybe all of this is happening because the world needs to be balanced, even though the power is only in the hands of a tiny portion of its people, and continues to be managed in an unbalanced way creating a dominant part and a submissive part, it is also true that it is moving slowly to the other end, power is being transferred gradually to people, to individuals who do not occupy places of power.

It may never be at the other end, but neither would that be positive, as no extreme has ever achieved anything evolutionary for humanity

Internet as a global communication system and the rupture of old social and cultural boundaries have led to a globalization that is opening us up to other cultures and religions, and thus we also become open to others. It is a way to remove the power from obsolete personal beliefs to open up to greater diversity. In this sense the personal power that we had while being barricaded in our resistance is weakening, this phenomenon opens the way for the new; and on the other hand, schools of thought and trends are being born, offering personal empowerment. This means that a person does not depend on any teacher or technique, that if they open yourself to the new it is not going to mean falling into another way of relinquishing power, but quite the opposite. When we open up wholeheartedly to a movement that encourages empowerment, an inspiring phenomenon occurs because the individual realizes simply that he can change without being dragged or exploited.

We are facing the possibility of a great INNER EVOLUTION, not revolution, because those have wanted to transfer power to the other end through dismissals and wars. In the world of personal growth, if we are able to accept that there are different levels of consciousness and different complexities within the problems encountered by humans and in humanity, and that therefore they must be addressed with different approaches, techniques, or integration types, we will find surprising solutions. I propose the integration of psychotherapy with ayahuasca and of ayahuasca with psychotherapy (in both directions), but redefining the meaning of both words.

Ayahuasca for me is a movement of consciousness. Psychotherapy is a process of self-knowledge.

If self-knowledge is directed toward comprehension of consciousness we will be at the gates of healing.

For me, HEALING means acquiring a de-identified, intelligent, open, and sensitive attitude to each situation, to give a unique and exclusive answer to each one of them. Being healed is not a state but an attitude. It is the attitude of an awaked consciousness.

Healing is the basis for INNER EVOLUTION

Alberto José Varela


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