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  1. Kevon

    Hello, I would love to sit with this couple one day. Is there a way to exchange contact information. I’m am the founder of The Entheogen Integration Circle, it is a group for people who have had profound psychedelic experiences to come together in the spirit of community and share stories and bond. I have been sitting with la medicina for over a year, and I am called to serve the medicine, but sometimes I feel like I will be rejected because of my sexuality. It would be wonderful to hear from you.

    With gratitude,
    Kevon Simpson

    1. Hugo Oklander

      Hi Kevon

      Nobody in our organisation is rejected because of their sexuality.
      However, our aim is to serve consciousness with the precious help of ayahuasca and also some other tools. Those who focus their experience in ayahuasca as if it´s a panacea that will rid them of all their worries are often critical of our approach.
      Psychedelic experiences can be useful for the awakening and expansion of consciousness but they´re not a must.
      Please write to informing about the activities held by The Entheogen Integration Circle. We had never heard of this organisation.

      Best Regards
      Hugo Oklander

    2. David Sonsino

      Hello Kevon , i just read your coment and here I AM , i would LOVE to sit with you and exchange comentaries , i just send you a note on the fb page Entheogen Integration Circle.
      ONE L O V E
      David Sonsino

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